The monumental building of the old tanks (12 million liters) hosts the Technical Museum with their permanent exhibitions linked to the water and the progress of the city. It also has versatile space where the major events of central Catalonia take place.

The First Large Tanks. First of all, it is a privilege to access to this huge water reservoirs (2,400 square meters) that still conserve the structure, the upper openings, and even the humidity. The simple visit to the space is really interesting.

From the Séquia to the ribbons. The Technical Museum hosts two outstanding permanent exhibitions that have a great connection with the Parc de la Séquia reason of being: the importance of water for human development. A showing about the Séquia explains the great work of the canal in a historical perspective and focus especially on its effects: the growth of agricultural production and urban planning since its age. On the other hand, the ribbon exhibition explains the importance of this industry in the city, which is the great reference of the sector in the Spanish market.

Venue for events. Due to its spectacularity, the Technical Museum has hosted some of the most important events of the central Catalonia, such as the professional market of the Mediterranean fair, the night of the athlete, the Student Fair, the Medicine Sports Conference and many other cultural and social events. It constitutes an emblematic place where events can be organized. That is why the Parc de la Sèquia puts it at the disposal of companies, institutions and individuals that want to rent it.


Schedules and access

From Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 2pm. Sundays guided tours at 11:30am.
Closed on January 1st and 6, and December 25th and 26th.

Technical data

Metres²: 800 m2
Nombre de sales: 1
Aforament: 400
Altres especificacions:
L’espai permet un gran nombre de distribucions diferents i d’activitats de tot tipus: exposicions, concerts, conferències, festes privades, etc.