Format: Hicking
Region: Bages
Difficulty: Low
Distancie: 5,8 km
Approximate timing:  1’45h
Unneveness: + 105 m
Transport: Paricular cars. You can park 70 m to the south of the City Hall square (Plaça del Ajuntament) of Balsareny. Regular bus service available from Manresa to Balsareny with  Alsa.
Environment: Medium mountain
Interest: Sportive, Touristic, Nature, Landscape, Cultural, Social, Health and Others.
Users: Everybody.


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Circular walk of 5.8 km passing through the most representative places of the start of the channel of La Séquia. The tour starts at Plaça de l’Ajuntament, from where you can go up to the castle of Balsareny, then go down to the Resclosa dels Manresans and go back walking next to the channel. Through the tour you can see fascinating landscapes, such as the Pyrenees or the meanders of the Llobregat river and its river forest.

During the route you can discover different elements of natural, cultural and patrimonial interest. You can find more information in this link: La Séquia


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