Format: Hicking
Region: Bages
Difficulty: Low
Kilometers: 6 km
Approximate timing: 1h 30′
Unevenness: 25 m
Transport: Particular cars. You can park in the parking of Parc de l’Agulla.
Environment:  Medium mountain
Interest: Sportive, Touristic, Nature, Landscape, Cultural, Social, Health and Others.
Users: Everybody


Download the map and the guide of the channel of the Sèquia



This walk is flat and simple, it starts from the city of Manresa and follows different branches of the channel of La Séquia, in a very good conservation state. These channels even today water a lot of oarchards, a small part of the big irrigation extensions that were present in the outskirts of the city. Moreover, you can pass through diverse equipments linked to water and the channel.

During the route you can discover different elements of natural, cultural, patrimonial interest. You can find more information in this link: La Séquia

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