Be a volunteer at the Museum of Technology of Manresa

Since its inception, the Museu de la Tècnica de Manresa has worked side by side with people who have made volunteering part of their lives. In the words of its curator, Pilar Alonso “The Museum would not be what it is without the involvement and knowledge of these volunteers who have made it possible for the museum today to be a European reference in the world of the cinteria, in addition to explaining the importance of water and the Sèquia for Manresa during its history “.

We interview two of these volunteers, who tell us who they are and what it has meant for them to come weekly to support the museum.

Josep Casas Bardolet has been a volunteer for about two and a half years, now 67 years old and dedicated his whole life to doing business, the last 25 in a small company in the world of sports and services. He decided to volunteer because the activity he carried out during his working life gave him a lot, and he wanted to return a part of it. In fact, it was after a trip to Japan that he realized that all the elderly were volunteering and doing community work. That was where he thought volunteering was an extraordinary thing to grow as a person and society.

He entered the museum through his father, a former textile factory manager who before his death wanted to get to know the museum and one of the machines he had made. After learning about the space, she became interested in volunteering and contacted the curator, Pilar. They immediately agreed to start a collaboration that still lasts. Josep does restoration and conservation work related to wood, of which he was already familiar and liked a lot. But he is also learning to work with iron. The message to everyone is that life must be active and positive, and that we must never lose the desire to learn and contribute to society.

Xavier Ferrer Nogués is 74 years old and had been a water, gas and heating installer. He has been volunteering for 7 years and doing material cleaning activities, greasing machines and many other jobs that are emerging. He volunteers because he thinks it’s a way to reverse some of his knowledge to help the community, he says that brings him a lot more than he gives, and that this is one of the values ​​of volunteering, as well as relating and stay active. She encourages everyone to volunteer as she improves her self-esteem and enjoys collaborating to expand everyone’s knowledge.

From Parc de la Sèquia we thank the old volunteers and the current ones because they are an essential part of everything we do and enrich us every day with knowledge and enthusiasm for our work.