Proximity food

Published in 29 de October de 2020

Eating km0 food is a good way to start being more sustainable

During the months of strict confinement due to the global health crisis we have realized more than ever that eating is essential, but the food system we have is fragile, some foods come from far away … It seems that this new awareness has made that many people would choose to start consuming more local products.

Why feed on 0 km products?

The Parc de la Sèquia team considers that getting used to consuming km 0 products is essential to deal with Climate Change as the emissions that occur with the transport of food are drastically reduced, to support local producers and to make Bages a living region and to take steps as consumers to become more and more sustainable. We strictly understand as products of km0 those that are produced less than 100km from the point of sale.

What do we do from Parc de la Sèquia to contribute to this change?

From Parc de la Sèquia we offer itineraries for irrigation aimed at families and adults where different producers of irrigation are visited and tastings of their products are made. We also collaborate in the organization of the Tomato Festival of Bages together with many other entities in the region. This festival aims to promote the knowledge and consumption of different varieties of tomatoes from Bages, as well as to make known the producers of the area.
On the other hand, we have revitalized the orchards of La Culla, coordinating the new “Ecological and Community Orchards of La Culla”. A project that maintains the function of urban gardens for family use and at the same time goes further, as it proposes the transformation of these gardens into organic gardens and works to generate a dynamic of promotion of organic horticulture beyond the Culla , incorporating in the activities and formations to the horticulturists of terrains in the district of the Balcony. In addition, the values ​​of respect, cooperation, solidarity, commitment and mutual support are encouraged through collective work between very diverse people.
At the same time we try to offer km0 food, ecological and sustainable, in all the events and activities we organize, often working with the catering service offered by the cooperative mengemBages.

How can you eat local food?

• Grow your own garden
• Shop at local markets or local stores and ask where their products come from
• Buy seasonal products
• Become a member of a consumer cooperative
• Just by wondering where you are eating and becoming aware of, are you taking a step forward?

Pol Farràs, Clara Aguilera
Members of the Parc de la Sèquia team