The Manresa Technical Museum is part of the Water Museums Global Network

Together with the AGBAR Museum, they are the first to be included in the whole of Spain

The Water Museums Global Network (WAMU-NET) is an initiative endorsed by the Intergovernmental Council of the Hydrological Program (UNESCO-IHP).

This network created in 2018, calls on individuals and institutions to take urgent action to repair our deteriorated relationship with the most precious liquid element on Earth and operate within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Technical Museum of Manresa, located in the old water reservoirs in the Sèquia de Manresa and with an exhibition dedicated to the history of this canal, is now also part of it.

Today, many water museums and institutions operate in isolation from one another. There is an urgent need to exchange experiences and best practices through a larger network, so that new perceptions and more sustainable management models can be developed for the emergence of a “new water culture”. “. In this perspective, museums can play a key role in water awareness education today, by linking ancient knowledge to contemporary agendas to develop sustainable solutions to the global water crisis.