The activities of the Agulla Park

Published in 15 de April de 2019

We discover the new InfoSèquia. Information point approach

For many years, Parc de l’Agulla is a leisure space and a green lung for Manresa and its surroundings, where people are going to relax, sport, play or spend hot summers.

In the park they coexist different entities that manage various activities such as regulated fishing, kayak rental and canoes under reservation, sundays Txi Kung, Berenador Restaurant Bar, playground and the activities organized by InfoSèquia.

In the park there are also specific activities such as the Transèquia, the Marathon walk, the Batecs Solidaris race, the Agulla Market, the Havaneras, the pyromusical for the Festa Major and activities from schools or entities. All these activities are regulated by the regulation of Agulla Parc and you can find it on our web page

What is the InfoSèquia?

It is one of the facilities of the Parc de la Sèquia and serves as an interpretation center for the Sèquia and a tourist information point for visitors. It is open to the public on weekends and holidays.

This year a new approach has been given and it has been committed to boosting the center and the Sèquia. Next, we will emphasize the two types of differentiated activities that add value to it.

On the one hand, naturalistic activities are offered such as walks, departures and talks, where the natural elements of the Sèquia and the Parc de l’Agulla are the protagonists. In this direction, ornithological excursions have been made to the wetlands of the Bóbila and the installation of nest boxes in the Mas de la Sala area. These activities are aimed at both a family audience and an adult audience, and the objective is to help people to know the flora and fauna that so often go unnoticed. To facilitate this, he has opted for cohesion with Meandre, a entity that walks in nature and the Anella Verda, of which we are also part. In this way, joint activities are carried out or it is attempted not to overlap two activities the same day, which we value very positively.

On the other hand, activities are offered to promote the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the people who allow to live the nature from a more holistic perspective.
The connection between body, mind and nature, which is so important in this accelerated society in which we live, is to be strengthened, as well as facilitating the internal connection through observing, respecting, feeling and experiencing nature as part of that we are. In this field, lectures, conscious walks have been held at the Sèquia, yoga, psycho-emotional workshops and children’s workshops by different specialists from the territory.

All activities are uploaded to the Apuntador and on the monthly agenda of the Parc de la Sèquia and are open to everyone. We recommend that previous inscription be done at the workshops and talks to be able to handle it better. We encourage you to participate, as you will surely repeat!

Aura Planell, head of InfoSèquia. Information Point