Presentation of the images of the Festa de la Llum, the Fira de l’Aixada and the Transèquia

Anna Villegas (Festa de la Llum), Anna Martí and Jordi Preñanosa (Fira de l’Aixada) and Berni Puig and Anna Benet (Transèquia), are the authors of the graphic design of the various events linked to the Light of Manresa. The presentation of the image is the starting point for preparatory acts for the activities of the manresa festival, recognized as the Festive Heritage of Catalonia, and which will be held in Manresa from February 15 to March 10.

The poster of the Transèquia is the work of Berni Puig and Anna Benet. Laia Muns, director of the Aigües de Manresa- Junta de la Sèquia Foundation, explained that, as every year, a young creator from the region has been asked to make a proposal after receiving some information. It is the first time that Puig uses his wooden sculptures to make a poster, that’s why he needed the eye of the photographer Anna Benet, to translate the sculpture in volume to the printed format. The image shows the wooden sculpture, which reproduces icons of a childlike nature and in the photograph a hand appears, a “universal” element that makes the way to walk with two fingers.

Berni Puig is a workshop artist who experiences in the world of graphic arts and the book. Illustrator and engraver of business, he embarked on the path to found a new publishing project, Santa Wòstia, a platform for wanting to publish books of artists of the inner Catalonia. On the other hand, he transfers his works outside the workshop, in large format murals, in remote and abandoned places in the interior Catalonia.

This young Manresa creator has superior studies of Industrial Design, higher studies of Enlightenment, and master’s degree in Contemporary Graphic Work. Last year he received the Region Trends 7 Award and has been a finalist in several contests. In addition, since 2015 he has participated in collective exhibitions such as “emergentes.0, Konvent” (Olvan), “Encuentro Alfara” (Salamanca), “Biblos” (Betanzos), “October Press” ( Alicante) and “Exit, Konvent” (Olvan).