The new classroom of the CFGM is inaugurated at the Museum of Technology

Published in 30 de November de 2018

From this academic year, the Middle Degree Training Course for the Manufacture and Ennoblement of Textile Products, has a workshop in the Technical Museum, as a result of the collaboration between the City Council of Manresa, the Department of Education and the Fundation Aigües de Manresa – Junta de la Sèquia.

Companies from the Bages region, but also from other places in Catalonia, have worked disinterestedly in the start-up of the workshop, providing machinery, threads, flakes, fabrics, chemicals, etc., which shows the great involvement of companies to support the cycle.

The facilities of the workshop that is inaugurated today are complemented by the stamping, finishing and finishing laboratories that are located at the Institut Guillem Catà. All in order to enable the content of the training cycle to be taught in a more practical way.

After 26 years without textile studies in the city, the training cycle began in the 2017-18 academic year, programmed by the Department of Education, as a result of the demand of entrepreneurs in the sector, due to the need to have qualified staff, and the impetus of the association of senior professionals Gest !. Regarding the workshop, the City Council made a search for spaces, and finally it was decided on  the Museum of Technology, in the sector where there is also the Ribbon Museum.

The director of Fundació Aigües de Manresa-Junta de la Sèquia, Laia Muns, recalled that “from the Museum we have worked hard to leave the facilities ready and adapt the restoration workshop to host the workshop for the students of the cycle formative. We believe the effort has been worthwhile. ”

This course will be the first promotion of students of the Training Cycle. At the moment 7 students make first course, and 7 more do second.