The Kapla game will occupy the Museum of Technology

Published in 6 de November de 2018

The CAE and the Fundació Aigües de Manresa – Junta de la Sèquia have organized a recreational activity at the Museum of Technology from the construction of the Kapla building on the weekend of 10 and 11, with 8 play areas and 20,000 pieces for playing.

The CAE and the Fundación Aigües de Manresa-Junta de la Sèquia will bring more than 20,000 pieces of the Kapla game to the Technical Museum so that Kapla participants in the Museum can play, build, experiment … as of This game of construction. There will be 8 zones and spaces of play, all of them with Kapla’s pieces as protagonists: a free play space -which can create their own constructions-; a collaborative construction -simulating the construction of the Sèquia-; A domino space – where a piece is making the following fall: the construction of an ideal city; the elaboration of a mandala; a play space for the little ones; a zone of challenges and a space of projections of constructions and destructions.

The activity will be held on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November at the Museum of Technology, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The participation is free and does not require any previous inscription.

Kapla at the Museum will also have a formative evening, with the programming of the Games workshop in the classroom: the kapla and its educational possibilities that will also be held at the Museum of Technology, on Tuesday, November 13, from 6 to 8 of the late This workshop is aimed at teachers, teachers and educators and will be taught by Toni Viader. In this case, it is necessary to register in advance. The cost of registration is € 10.00 which entitles you to participate in the workshop and have Kapla material for a week.

This is the first time that the CAE organizes an activity where exclusively the Kapla is used, and one of the first ones that are made in Catalonia. Habitually, the CAE has been incorporating Kapla into its leisure activities – in the Week of Games on the Street, in the Tasting of Games … – or in the activities that it does to the schools – scholastic, welcoming, extracurricular, …

The Kapla is a construction game created by Tom van der Bruggen from rectangular wooden pieces. The pieces maintain a ratio between their sides of 1: 3: 5 and this allows for quite sophisticated constructions. Kapla is an apt and interesting game for both grown and young. Beyond being an entertaining and entertaining game, it is being used in many schools for educational purposes because it allows to work on the geometry of space, the coordination of movements or collaborative work, among other skills.