The 200th anniversary of the Panyos Factory, the star of the European Heritage Days

Published in 25 de September de 2018

The program of the European Heritage Days will take place from October 6 to 19 and is part of the acts of the Capital of the Catalan Culture Manresa 2018. This year includes the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the oldest river factory in Catalonia: the Panyos

As every year at this time, monuments and heritage facilities throughout Europe open doors to celebrate the European Heritage Days, a holiday that has already become a cultural event of the highest order in the annual calendar. In Catalonia, on October 12, 13 and 14, hundreds of monuments will open doors for free and activities will be carried out for all audiences.

Manresa joins the celebration with various activities that will be held from October 6 to 19, 2018, and will serve to bring the city’s heritage closer together and spread the awareness of preserving it among the citizens. This year marks the commemoration of the 200 years of construction of the Panyos factory, which will culminate in the year 2020, when it will be two centuries after the factory began to work. The importance of this event for the city and the country has made it join the acts of the Capital of the Catalan Culture Manresa 2018.

Today, the presentation of the acts has been presented, with the presence of the Councilor for Culture and Youth of the City Council of Manresa, Anna Crespo; the vice president of the Fundación Aigües de Manresa -Junta de la Sèquia, Josep Alabern; the president of the Center of Studies of the Bages, Francesc Comas, and representatives of all the entities that collaborate in the days: Parc de la Sèquia, City Council of Manresa – ManresaCCC 2018, AMCTAIC, Colegio de Arquitectos-Demarcación de the Central Counties, College of Industrial Engineers-Demarcation Central Catalonia, Center of Studies of the Bages, Museum of Science and the Technique of Catalonia, AADIPA, Foundation Tourism and Fairs of Manresa

200 years of the first stone of the Panyos  

Manresa counts among its industrial heritage with the oldest river factory in Catalonia that still retains its original characteristics. It is about Can Miralda, popularly known as the Panyos Factory, which was built between 1818 and 1820. It is an emblematic building, representative of the era of the first industrialization in Catalonia and which has a recognized international prestige.

Due to its patrimonial value, the Miralda Factory was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest in 2009 and also deserved to be included in the National Plan of Industrial Heritage as one of the four industrial buildings of greatest interest in Catalonia.

It is a space rooted in the memory of the Humans who have tried to conserve over the years. Rehabilitation of the roof has been done but, in spite of everything, it is still a place to recover. That is why since October and for two years, 2018 to 2020 will be scheduled activities around the factory, to commemorate the 200 years of its construction to return the value and splendor that he deserves

Within the framework of the JEP, an exhibition of photographs, a playful day with stories, music and visits to the factory and a technical Conference, entitled “200 years of the Panyos, symbol of the Industrial Revolution”, has been organized at Museum of the Technique of Manresa, with the participation of architects and historians to explain and understand the importance of the factory in the Catalan industrial revolution.

At the press conference today, Councilmember Anna Crespo said that “the Panyos is a monument that needs a lot of support. The City Council made a cover to stabilize it, but it would be necessary to have a more comprehensive intervention, which can not be understood in the short term from the municipality. ” Even so, within the framework of the Conference, “we want to celebrate and make ourselves aware that we have this and other great heritage elements, which must be preserved and can return to life, and bring it closer to everyone.”

Josep Alabern, vice president of the Fundació Aigües de Manresa – Junta de la Sèquia, and also president of the Association of the Science and Technology Museum and Industrial Archeology of Catalonia, pointed out that within the framework of the cultural capital of Manresa, It is important to highlight the importance of Locks. Since the construction began in 1818 and finished in 1820, the celebration of the 200 years will also be extended until 2020. According to him, “we can consider Locks as the beginning of industrialization in Catalonia. That sounds very strong, but nobody can say no. It’s worth doing this celebration that we have planned “. Alabern pointed out that at the initiative of the Aigües de Manresa Foundation many collaborating entities were added (“at the first meeting we were sixteen people”) and especially highlighted the day with specialists about the Panyos, who will analyze the its meaning for Manresa.