An association with history

Published in 15 de March de 2018

The association of plumber owners of the Potable Water of Manresa

The Associació de Propietaris Plomistes de les Aigües Potables de Manresa, is a non-profit association, which has its origins in the transformation of the management of the potable water supply service in the city of Manresa. Until 1981, it was managed under the municipal authorization scheme, through the Drinking Water Board of Manresa, and as of this year, and once the service has been municipalized, and created the municipal company Aigües de Manresa, SA, under regime direct management

This association is created with the aim of defending the rights and interests of the plumber’s owners within the municipal company, in accordance with the Law of Associations of 1964, and complementary provisions.

It should be noted that the municipal company was created with the contribution of the assets and liabilities of the Drinking Water Board, where plumber owners were the “heirs” of the initiators of the water supply to the city, and that , from 1861 they faced the first investments through the sale of pens titles *.

The constituent assembly took place on December 23, 1981 and the founding act, in which the statutes were approved, on October 8, 1982. The bylaws were registered in the register of associations of the Generalitat, dated February 3, 1983.

The founding commission was made up of the following: Ramon Busquet and Guixé, Francesc Domènec i Bartra, Maurici Espinal i Batlles, Jaume Masana and Naudi, Josep Sauret and Bosch i Maurici Serramalera i Pinós.

In addition to the aforementioned purpose, in the statutes of the association, the aims of: to take care of the correct issuance of titles to the plomist owners, from those issued by the old Water Board of Drinking Water; the preparation and maintenance of the registration of the plomist owners, in accordance with transfers and amortizations that occur; propose, for its appointment, a representative to the Water Board of Manresa; and, finally, the collaboration with this, in the solution of matters related to the potable water supply service, in general, in the city of Manresa.

At present, the association, 741 plomistes, that have a total of 1,032.5 water pens (2,065 titles of ½ pen), of which 155.75 correspond to supply by capacity, 489 applied to accountant and 387 , 75 unused.

This association, since its inception, has been holding a general assembly every year. It has a section on the Aigües de Manresa website that contains documentation that may present a general interest.

* A manresana pluma is equivalent to a discharge of 2,468 liters of water per day

Ricard Tomàs, Director of operations, attached to management of the company Aigües de Manresa