From PTV to TDK

Published in 15 de February de 2018

An exhibition that revives the history of Manresa between the 40s and 90s

The Manresa Museum of Technology hosts, from February 17 to May 20, an exhibition with elements and
historic and identifying furniture in Manresa, which will take us to travel in time and remember and recover an already past era.

The exhibition entitled “From PTV to TDK. How did we live in Manresa between the forties and the nineties? “, Has been curated by the historian Francesc Comas and journalist Anna Vilajosana. The exhibition is structured in five areas of everyday life and teaches us, from the bottom of pieces stored in the Manresa Technical Museum and other collections, a large variety of objects and situations that are part of the ” collective imagination of Manresa’s citizenship such as the legendary PTV, the chairs of La Rosita, the BECMAN siphon or the Caixa Manresa Guardiola notebook among others.

From the analysis of free time, teaching, work, power and the evolution of the city, it is intended that
People remember with the help of objects and environment of all kinds images, facts, situations, experiences, feelings, etc. Manresa in black and white in the 40’s in Manresa in the color of the nineties.

The exhibition is presented as a game, a journey through time for sixty years of the history of Manresa. A game where the only thing to do is to walk around the room, listen, watch and read the texts. Everything that you will find is part of our everyday life and they talk about us, how we were, how we lived, how we were having fun, how we worked, how we learned, etc.

As a preliminary and preparatory work on the exhibition, some historical memory workshops were held. Specifically, three, which revolved around different moments and important areas of the city: education, health, political changes, urban planning, etc. Several people, chosen for their representativeness and direct link with some of these changes, could say theirs, and show us a rich Manresa in nuances and with a story that we can hardly cover in this exhibition. From this previous work, the exhibition will show a little tasting, in the memory space.

Because the exhibition is closely linked to our memories, and surely your visit will make us come a lot to our minds has created a small space where you can leave these memories, these experiences that have generated the objects, the photographs, the sounds, the texts. There is a small space to receive these memories through writings, or if you prefer, of photographs and images that you can send us to the Museum of Technology and we will gladly reproduce.

“We want it to be an exhibition that generates memories and that allows us to continue collecting experiences and experiences of this time”

The exhibition will be open until May 20 from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the first repository of the Museum of the Technique of Manresa.

Alba Subirana, director of the Museum of the Technique of Manresa