Works on the new deposits

Published in 15 de January de 2018

During this past 2017, two works have been carried out within the New Deposit areas that have had an impact
in the area and which are the prelude to the renovation of the drinking water facilities planned for the next years.

The actions consisted in improving access to the park of Can Font and the “tower of Vinyes”, from Concordia Street, and the construction of an industrial building for the location of the additives used in the processes of
Water purification in the New Deposits plant.

The adaptation of the road to Can Font annexed to the facilities of Aigües de Manresa, provided the displacement to the farm limit of the installations of the water purification station, and the leveling and paving of the land to be integrated -to the activity of the company, which allows that it is currently used as a parking lot, but foreseeing the future displacement of the store up to this new location, when the opening of the future Concord Street requires it.

At the same time, it has allowed to integrate the route on the way to the Parc de Can Font from Concordia street around the park, which will improve accessibility conditions.

“The project will allow to improve many of the current processes and improve the quality of the water”

On the other hand, the project, and later work, of the reagent storage building, has been obeyed at the will of
To respond to two basic requirements for our plant: the first was to adapt the volume of the reagents to
future flow of the plant (of the 24,000 m3 / day of flow currently treated at 36,000 m3 / day design flow) and the
Second, it was to automate reagent dosing processes to obtain a larger amount of data than they allow to detect, analyze and correct the process in case of need with more speed and security and locate in one and nly one point storage tanks, a body that encourages exploitation tasks, and releasing space that will become necessary for future works of expansion.

In the building, reagent deposits have been installed to water purification, as well as complementary dosing elements (analyzers, dosing pumps, transfer pumps …). The availability of a zone for the preparation and dosing of reagents is added, which, in the future, water purification requires.

The actions that will follow, will consist in the almost complete renovation of the treatment plant, in order to update it, both in terms of the treatment capacity that is expected to be necessary for the future and to take advantage of the current state of the technologies, increase and improve the quality of the treated water, as regards to the organoleptic aspects. It is expected that they will be executed in three phases, due to the complexity involved in the compatibility of the execution of the works with the operation of the installations.

Mireia Félix, head of projects and works, and Ricard Tomàs, director of operations attached to management of Aigües de Manresa