Adopt the Sèquia

Published in 22 de November de 2017

The Fundació Aigües de Manresa – Junta de la Sèquia, specifically its Center for Documentation and Historical Archive and the Educational Service, together with the Pedagogical Resources Center of the Bages, are promoting the project “Apadrinem La Sèquia”, framed in the Department’s program of Education: We support our heritage. This program aims to promote the knowledge of the heritage elements of the environment with a participatory attitude of the educational community.

The project “Apadrinem La Sèquia” is based on the idea of ​​the sponsorship or adoption of a heritage element of the Sèquia by the educational centers, which entails giving it value and deepening its knowledge from the point of historical, cultural, artistic or natural sight. At the same time, this knowledge is intended to be socially relevant, that is, to reach the community and the school environment. The educational purpose of the Apadrinem La Sèquia is to promote the motivation of students, as the protagonist of their own learning process, based on an element well known as the Canal de la Sèquia.

The project allows interdisciplinary work from different curricular areas and the use of different methodologies. This course, from 17 to 18, has been aimed at the project six educational centers of the Bages, specifically the Guillem de Balsareny school; the school La Serreta and the institute of Auro de Santpedor; and St. Ignasi, the Puigberenguer school and the FEDAC in Manresa. To work together, the teachers of the educational and technical centers of the CRP del Bages and the Parc de la Sèquia participate in a coordination seminar. The aim of the seminar is to be a meeting place for the different educational centers that intervene in the project with the aim of sharing proposals for activities, facilitating resources, exchanging experiences and coordinating actions.